Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7 Months down / 5 to go!

We have completed 7 months so far.  Most of our pilots have already taken their R&R.  We still have a few more to go.  This month was the "official" start of the Taliban spring offensive.  Activity did pick up during daylight hours around the area.  We did break up a battle between the Taliban and another faction of extremists "The Hiquini" who were fighting each other.  It was noted that one side (Hiquini) had a anti-aircraft gun.  The air force bombed that and we came in with a flight of 2 Apaches to take out some Taliban to make it even and not look like we have favorites.  Our lead Apache got credit for 2 enemy KIA. Another task force had a OH-58D shot down in a valley to the north.  It turned into a all night/day rescue attempt to retrieve the pilot (1 was killed on impact).  We provided overhead cover for our pathfinders who were on the ground in the area.  Our Apache ended up shooting a Hellfire missile into the wreckage of the OH-58D to destroy it. I now have moved back to a night schedule supporting SEALs and Rangers.  The weather has been very nice. Low 80's during the day and a comfortable 60's at night.

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  1. Good decision to even things out between the Taliban and the Hiquini. Fair is fair!